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two planes land at reagan international on tuesday night without any control tower cleerngs. the lone air traffic controller who was also the supervisor admitted to falling asleep. that air traffic controller has been suspended, and staffing changes have been made. we have team coverage as the story continues to develop. john schriffen was one of those on one of those planes that landed without any air traffic control clearance. but we're going to begin with chris gordon, who is live outside national airport. chris? >> reporter: good evening. the air traffic controller admitted to investigators from the national transportation safety board that he did fall asleep while on duty in the control tower here at reagan national airport. he said it was during his fourth consecutive overnight shift. the ntsb is conducting one of two federal probes into this incident. the federal aviation administration says it is thoroughly investigating wednesday's early morning incident. when the control tower add
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reagan national airport failed to respond to radio calls from two commercial airliners requesting instructions for landing. >> just so you're aware, we've had one aircraft go into dca. the tower is apparently unmanned. called on the phone and nobody is answering. so that aircraft went in uncontrolled. >> reporter: the faa has suspended the controller, administrator randy babbitt issued a statement saying, as a former pilot, i am personally outraged that this controller did not meet his responsibility to help land these two airplanes. the national transportation safety board is conducting an independent investigation. the air traffic controller has reportedly admitted to investigators that he fell asleep on duty. former ntsb general counsel gary hallbert, now a lawyer in private practice, tells us how this investigation will proceed. >> they're going to look at a 72-hour history on that
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controller, his sleep patterns, they're going to also look at the faa's regulations that govern their controller staffing policies, and they'll look at any tower policies that may have allowed that controller to be there with however much sleep he had or by himself. >> reporter: passengers at reagan national airport are concerned. >> i was surprised that the control tower would be manned, you know, solo by just one person, i guess, to say, and that that person had nodded off. >> i would have been panicked and thought what in the heck is going on? why do we have an airport that's open, supposedly, and we don't have anybody in the control tower? that's pretty alarming. >> reporter: the faa operates the control tower, it says, fortunately no plane was out of radar contact, and that its backup system kicked in to ensure the safe landing of both planes here at reagan national. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, chris.
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john schriffen was on one of those flights forced to land there without air traffic control clearance. that must have been quite an experience. when did you know something was wrong, and how did you know? >> we didn't really know exactly what was going on, specifically. and as far as the air traffic controller asleep at the tower. but what we did know is that the pilot was not able to get in contact. we were on the way back from our flight from miami. it was american airlines flight. and towards the end of the flight, we were coming into reagan national airport, and we were beginning our descent to the airport, the pilot said flight attendants get ready for landing, flight attendants were buckled in, and we were going to the ground. actually felt the wheels come out of the plane and i could hear them. we were pretty close to the runway and then all of a sudden the plane takes back up toward the sky again and the engines kick back. in a few minutes later after we started circling away from the airport, the pilot got back on the loud speaker and said, folks, i'm sorry, we're not able to land at this point, i cannot get in contact with air traffic control. >> he said that? >> he said that over the loud
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speaker. and now i was one of the few people actually awake at the time, because i was looking around thinking, was i the only person that just heard that? what's going on here? and i actually was one of the only people awake to hear it. and he said, you know, unfortunately, we're going to keep circling until we can get some contact with air traffic control. >> until we wake somebody up. that has to get a man's attention. >> that certainly -- >> flying all day, you're tired. >> all day traveling. this is after midnight, you know, so this is into wednesday morning now. and he told us, we don't know when we're going to be able to land. >> wow. >> fortunately, it was only about 10 to 15 minutes after he made that initial contact with everyone in the cabin that we were able to land at the airport, but at no point were we ever told exactly what happened. now, learning what happened, it's certainly a scary experience. >> indeed it was. thanks, john. glad you're here. the suspect charged with killing two men in olney, maryland appeared in court today, and we learned that a possible motive in one of the murders was robbery.
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pat collins joins us live outside the montgomery county courthouse in rockville. pat? >> reporter: wendy, we know the motive for at least one of the murders, the prosecutor, says it appears that an 81-year-old man was killed inside his house for 40 bucks. in the neighborhood where it happened, on the street where he lived. they know about rohan goodlett. >> crazy. it's crazy. and it's scary that the kids are here and have been walking around, and you know, we have lived here for over eight years and right across the street, and knew there was something a little off about him, but never expected anything like this. >> reporter: rohan goodlett. the son of a college professor. a graduate of howard university. a man under supervision by state mental health officials.
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rohan goodlett today charged with two counts of first degree murder in his quiet olney neighborhood. charged in the murder of ace 81-year-old next door neighbor, nazir ahmed. in court, the prosecutor said that goodlett told someone he needed money. that his neighbor always left his door open. that mr. ahmed had recently taken $40 out of his atm. that mr. ahmed was shot execution-style. and that no cash money was found inside his house. goodlett also charged in the monday murder of 41-year-old punyasara gedara, shot and killed on north high street as he was walking home from work. no stated motive in that shooting. goodlett was under the supervision of mental health officials after he was found not
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guilty by reason of insanity in a burglary and harassment case back in 2009. defense attorney rena sandler says oftentimes people like goodlett don't get the supervision that they should. >> someone needs to listen and take action and strictly, strictly monitor that individual for the protection of us all. >> reporter: you don't think that happened here? >> i don't. >> reporter: now, the maryland department of mental health released a statement this afternoon. it said, in essence, that mental health officials had no indication that goodlett violated any of the conditions of his release. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you pat. a frederick county sheriff's deputy is facing child sex abuse charges tonight. 46-year-old sam bowman is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl when her parents were not home. bowman is also a school resource officer at walkersville high
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school. someone provided a tip to child protective services, and that led to his arrest. bowman has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of this investigation. a couple of workers were injured in northern japan today when they stepped in radiation contaminated water. it happened at one of the damaged nuclear plants there. contamination fears are also triggering a run on bottled water all over that country. lee cowen has our report. >> a little bit of good news today out of japan and that's that the drinking water in tokyo, anyway, has now been deemed safe to drink, although that seems to have added to the confusion, because 24 hours later it wasn't safe to drink, now it is. people are still going out and stockpiling water, even though the government has asked them not to do that. they have also tried to allay fears to deliver water to 81,000 or so families who do have children you said under 1 years
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old. but a lot of people aren't taking chances at this point. back at the plant, three workers we are told were injured, two had to be sent to the hospital because they were exposed to radiation. not radiation in the air, but these workers were dragging an electrical cable into the reactor to try to get some of those pumps back up and working to start the coolant process again. they came in contact with water that had been contaminated with radiation, their leg, ankles, knees actually came in direct contact. that's why they had to go to the hospital. it's no fear outside the area, according to plant officials, because it was not in the air, but just is telling to show just what kind of conditions these workers are battling to try to get those reactors under control. that's the latest from here. now back to you guys. >> a special event is being held here in washington in the wake of that disaster. it's called stand for japan. and it is a fund-raising walk for relief efforts in that country. it begins at 6:30 tonight on the grounds of the washington
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monument. it's sponsored by organizers of the national cherry blossom festival. all the money raised will go to the red cross relief effort for victims of the japanese earthquake and the tsunami. >> cherry blossoms symbolize rebirth, renewal, and now rebuilding. so we want to keep that in mind as we are going through this festival, and just taking time for reflection, as well. >> the cherry blossom trees are blooming for the 99th time this year. this year, for the 99th time. they were given to the u.s. by japan back in 1912. the national cherry blossom festival begins on saturday. it runs through april 10th. a tornado blasted through western pennsylvania, leaving behind a path of destruction there. it hit yesterday afternoon about 25 miles west of pittsburgh. 30 homes were destroyed, another 60 damaged. some areas got hit with golf ball size hail, which you saw just a bit ago. roofs ripped off homes, trees
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uprooted. schools in the area were closed today because of this extensive damage. fortunately, doug, we've got nothing like that around here. >> no, we did not. we saw some of those thunderstorms come through late last night, but those thunderstorms are not severe. good news for us. but what they did bring in, much colder temperatures. that's what we're going to be talking about over the next couple of days. temperatures overnight tonight dipping below the freezing mark, and, of course, we're looking towards the weekend. cherry blossom festival as you were just talking about coming up this weekend. i'll let you know how those temperatures are, and sometimes cherry blossoms drop white and, you know, pink petals. mother nature could be dropping some white flakes, coming up on sunday morning. i'll tell you about it. wendy? >> all right. and new violence erupted in the middle east just outside of libya. a new step taken in the trial linked to the death of michael jackson. a tea party favorite may be preparing for a run for the white house. new blockbuster prescription drug has taken over. >> and dan, what's happening in sports? >> hey, wendy, the redskins'
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players plan on getting back out on the field without their coaches very soon. and the richmond spiders embracing the challenge of playing kansas in the sweet 16. meanwhile, the georgetown women, very confident as they try to do something they haven't done in years. news4 at 6:00 continues.
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appears to show syrian forces attacking hundreds of protesters. intense gunfire erupted as demonstrators were marching. witnesses say at least four people were killed. the uprising there has been going on for a week now. syria's government says it will release all the people it's holding in connection with recent violence. the regime may also consider lifting laws. the laws that allow people to be locked up indefinitely without trial. nato forces could take over the increasingly violent military operation against moammar gadhafi's regime by this weekend. but the pentagon says u.s. military involvement will continue. that has some lawmakers questioning just how we will get out of libya. steve handelsman has our report. 14 more tomahawk cruise missiles fired at moammar gadhafi's military.
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coalition war planes kept up their attacks. a french pilot employing up a libyan jet that tested the no-fly zone. in tripoli, libyan tv showed one of gadhafi's military bases in flames. he's lost a lot of his armor and artillery, but gadhafi still has a lot left. we have light weapons, said this rebel. he has tanks. nbc's richard engel found that out the hard way. out in the desert with libyan rebels who were unable to advance, one fighter armed with a plastic gun. >> it's actually just made of plastic. it's a toy. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: three government mortar or artillery rounds. nobody hurt this time. but the rebels are in trouble. they want the u.s. to send them heavy weapons. some democrats fear president obama's put us into a long and maybe a losing fight. >> it's easy to get into one of these. it's very difficult as events unfold to get the hell out of
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there. >> we specifically thank president obama. >> reporter: libyan-americans gathered to urge, no quick american pullout. >> to continue the humanitarian support in libya. gadhafi's forces continue until this day to kill and maim innocent civilians, in many cities. >> reporter: this was tripoli tonight. moammar gadhafi's supporters celebrating their side and staging a comeback. but the obama plan is still to pull back, and turn over control of the libyan military operation to u.s. allies within a few days. i'm steve handelsman, news4. tea party favorite michele bachmann may make a run for the white house. the top adviser to the republican congresswoman says bachmann could enter the race as early as may. her spokesman says she will make a decision by summer. other names that are being tossed around for the gop nomination, mitt romney, tim pawlenty and newt gingrich. jury selection began in the trial of michael jackson's
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doctor, conrad murray arrived for court in los angeles, charged in had connection with the death of jackson who died in 2009. murray is accused of giving jackson a deadly amount of propofol. as many as 350 jurors will be screened. friends and family gathered just a short time ago to say a final farewell to elizabeth taylor. sources tell nbc news that taylor's funeral happened about an hour ago. it happened at the forest lawn cemetery in glendale, california. taylor died yesterday from congestive heart failure. she was known for an incredible career, and eight marriages. she was 79 years old. still to come, someone deliberate reset a house on fire to help protect the homeowners. >> the autos astronaut husband of gabrielle giffords, has high expectations for his next launch. and it is about to get down right cold as we start our
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a test was conducted today in an effort to give researchers more information about wildfires and how to better protect homes from fast-moving flames. the test was organized by a home safety research center in
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richburg, south carolina. they wanted to find out whether blowing hot embers or actual flames were the cause of homes catching fire. they found that the ignitable materials around the houses are the main culprit in the fire spreading to the house. wildfires cause more than half a billion dollars in property damage every year. >> my goodness. well, we have more wintry weather heading our way for this cherry blossom kickoff. >> and it doesn't happen too often that we're talking about temperatures this cold, this late in the season. it's going to get very cold. average temperatures, 58. sunday, we may be 20 degrees below that average high. that heinz we could see a high temperature of only 38 degrees on sunday, and yes, we're talking about the start of a cherry blossom festival this weekend. it's going to be a cold one. take a look outside right now, and we'll show you how things are. cherry blossoms starting to come out along the river. you can see some of those out there right now. actually, a lot of blooming trees right now. and that has actually put pollen
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on the high side, but lately it's been lower. so that's some good news. live digital doppler radar right now, nothing to talk about. all of the rain that we saw yesterday, and the strong storms, they are now well down to the south and east. we saw a couple of light showers earlier in the day today, but that's really about it. right now we are just talking about the cold air, high today only 44, a low this morning of 39 degrees, the average high is 58. so well below that average. and look at this. think it can't snow this late? march 24th and 25th in 1990 we saw 1 to 6 inches of snow across the area. i don't think we'll see that much this time around. but we could see some accumulation coming up on sunday morning. 43 degrees right now in the district. we're looking at a wind chill of 38 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest only about 9 miles per hour so not a lot of wind, but we are talking about the wind chill really for the first time in three weeks. this is some of the coldest air since late february. 42 right now in sterling and 45 in towards quantity quo co.
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so a cool and chilly afternoon. wind chills, only 33 in hagerstown. of right now salisbury with a wind chill of 37 degrees. it's going to be a very cold evening. upper level system. this is what brought us the clouds during the day today. moving down to the south and east. and behind it we're going to start to see some clearing skies. that's going to mean more cold air as the cold air filters in right in from the north. so here's that cold air, here's those wind arrows making their way down, northerly wind bringing in that cold air overnight tonight and right on through the day tomorrow. and the pattern is setting up that this cold air is going to stay in place right on through the middle of next week. and on saturday, into sunday, that's when we're going to start to see things change just a little bit as the clouds make their way into our region. and then we start to see that pane change just a little bit. mostly cloudy this evening, a chilly evening. clouds will be diminishing. 43, dropping down to about 37 degrees throughout the next couple of hours. temperatures tomorrow morning, mostly clear, cold, maybe some frost out there. 25 to 31 degrees. winds out of the north at 5 to
6:25 pm
10. that will put a wind chill between 20 and 25 on your friday. so you're going to have to bundle up big-time tomorrow morning. and remember the kids as they head off to the bus stop, the coldest air they have felt in a month. tomorrow, mostly sunny, chilly, feeling like february outside with temperatures 45 to 50 degrees. as we make our way through the next four days, a high of only 48 on your friday. 47 on saturday, and then look at saturday morning or rather sunday morning. temperature around 30 degrees in the d.c. area. some locations could be in the upper 20s. and i do think we could see some accumulation if it does change over to snow in some locations. we're talking about areas to the north and west, maybe frederick county, maybe loudoun county up towards hagerstown. but we're going to have to wait and see just how much we do get out of that. it's not going to be a big storm snow-wise. monday, breezy, high temperature of 45 degrees. we start to climb a little bit as we make our way into the extended outlook. but right back down into the 40s on wednesday, with another chance for some showers. good news is, after wednesday, i
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think we move back into the 50s and maybe the 60s. but this is going to be a week-long period where you need to pull out the coats. a lot of people put them in the attic. you play have to put them back down. still ahead, the medical marijuana money-maker, how it could change the prescription drug business. city was once known as chocolate city, but that's about to change. and a guy who sat down to do his taxes found out he was a millionaire. i'm julie carey in loudoun county, where the sheriff's department covers new ground in its search for a missing mom, pregnant with her today, the fa
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air traffic control supervisor after two planes landed at national airport without any help. the supervisor was alone on duty. he admits he fell asleep. no bond for the man accused of murdering two men in olney, maryland. investigators say rohan goodlett shot and killed his neighbor. ease also accused of killing a man who was just walking home from work a few days later. the search continued today near the home of a missing pregnant woman in loudoun county. >> police are looking for bethany dekker. she vanished two months ago. julie car julie carey has the latest on some possible clues that have
6:30 pm
been found by investigators. >> reporter: loudoun county sheriff's deputies combing the fields and woods across the road from bethany dekker's ashburn apartment, the apartment where she was reportedly last seen by her boy friend on january 29th. today's ground search is one of several conducted by the sheriff's department, but they say when this is complete, that will be it for now. the hours spent searching didn't yield any obvious clues or evidence, but deputies did find some items worth checking out. >> we have collected a couple things. it's unknown if it's of any relevance to our case or of importance. >> reporter: the renewed search comes as dekker's husband returned home from afghanistan. this photo shows the couple during a january vacation to hawaii, a time when dekker was about five months pregnant. the couple was also together the morning of january 29th, before dekker returned to her apartment and saw her boyfriend, her husband left for afghanistan on february 2nd.
6:31 pm
investigators say ameal dekker returned because of his concern and because they asked if he could spend time stateside. >> we've gotten a lot of cooperation out of her husband who is back into the states. has been very cooperative, along with the u.s. army, in providing us with a lot of details to help fill out our time line. >> reporter: investigators also continue to analyze data from cell phones and other electronic devices seized from this centerville home. that's where boyfriend ronald roledan now shares a basement apartment with his mother. roledan remains the last known person to have spoken with dekker. investigators say since january 29th, dekker has not used her bank account, cell phone, e-mail, and hasn't come to classes at george mason university. but they say someone pretending to be dekker posted updates on her facebook page. they would like to find out who is behind that. julie carey, news4. >> investigators in prince william county have released new
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information about the discovery of a body that has been burned -- had been burned in a dumpster in wood bridge. the discovery was made yesterday morning. police say the victim is a woman between 20 and 40 years of age. 5'2" to 5'4" and 120 to 140 pounds. she has straight dark hair, possibly missing a front left tooth. anyone with information is asked to call crime solvers. a battle over new boundaries for supervisor districts comes to a head in loudoun county tonight. by law, political maps have to be redrawn after every census. and in fast-growing areas like loudoun, big redistricting changes are often required. earlier this month, the county supervisors rejected a redistricting map proposed by many homeowners associations. instead, voting in favor of a plan that some residents complain splits up communities that have shared interests. residents and some supervisors hope the board will vote tonight to reconsider the originally
6:33 pm
approved plan. what happened was that a plan no one ever saw and a map no one had ever drawn got passed by the sudden decision of a narrow majority of my board of directors, and i think that's unfair to the public, didn't give them a chance to see it first and ignored the contribution made by some very public spirited citizens who had drafted what i thought was a better alternative. >> other jurisdictions are also starting this redistricting process, as well, to set the political maps for the next decade. all plans have to be approved by the justice department before they can become official. a new census milestone in the u.s. the number of people identifying as hispanic passed the 50 million mark. that's according to the latest census figures. it means one in six americans is latino. 197 million americans identify as white. 38 million black, 15 million asian. hispanics account for more than half of the nation's population increase over the last decade.
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here in washington, the new census figures show that d.c. is still reversing decades of population decline. tom sherwood now with more on what's drawing an increasing number of people to the district. >> reporter: the nation's capital has enjoyed extensive growth downtown and in its neighborhoods. even long neglected neighborhoods are starting to see more economic development. all signs of the city's improving image as a place to work and live. >> i'm not looking forward to seeing greater detail. we, of course, know that we're now north of 600,000 people in the city. and i now want to see the board level detail and how that might result in reconfiguring. >> reporter: new official census numbers released thursday show the city's population at 601,000 citizens. a small but significant uptick. african-americans who used to make up close to two-thirds of the city's population now account for just over 50%. whites are close at 40%.
6:35 pm
hispanics and asians making up the rest. more details of the survey will be released in the coming days. data showing neighborhood changes to affect how the city's eight political wards are drawn. overall, seven of the city's eight wards gained population with only ward eight in far southeast-southwest washington losing population. the census also is important because it helps to find how cities and states qualify for federal programs. programs that can mean hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> the d.c. council will begin redrawing lines for the city's eight political wards this summer. the new boundaries will be used in the 2012 election. under federal law, the wards must be roughly equal in population. some lawmakers are fighting to make sure people who need medical marijuana cannot be convicted and fined for using it. today the maryland senate approved a bill that would protect patients charged with
6:36 pm
possession of marijuana. under the current law, a person can be charged with a misdemeanor and fined $100 in maryland. the bill also creates a work group within the state health department to study the issue further. this measure now goes to the house of delegates. medical marijuana is becoming one of the most profitable prescription drugs in the u.s. the latest report shows sales reaching $1.7 billion annually. experts say it's become the next blockbuster drug, almost as popular as viagra. the report focuses on 15 states, including washington, d.c., where the market is expected to double in the next five years. right now, 92% of all marijuana sales come from colorado and california. coming up tonight, new details about whether congresswoman gabrielle giffords will attend her husband's shuttle launch. ♪ one. last time. one. >> there was a toe-pointing lesson for students outside of
6:37 pm
the classroom. we'll explain. welcome back, ev.
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i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. after a very cold afternoon today, it's going to get cold again tonight. temperatures tonight dipping down to around 30 degrees inside the d.c. area.
6:40 pm
25 in frederick, 26 in warrenton. we are talking about mostly clear skies to the north. still a few clouds to the south as those clouds continue to try to get on out of here. tomorrow we'll see plenty of clouds, but it's not going to help the temperatures much. temperatures tomorrow about 10 degrees below average with a high of around 48 degrees in the washington area. as we make our way through the weekend, cherry blossom forecast, a high of 47, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. on sunday, a good chance of rain, maybe mixing with snow, especially early in the morning. it's going to be a cold one, if you have family coming from out of town for the cherry blossom festival, make sure you warn them. it's going to be chilly. >> thanks, doug. the husband of injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords spoke out today about his wife's condition. mark kelly is his name, a shuttle commander with nasa. kelly and his crew held a press conference about their next mission. they held that press conference at the johnson space center in houston. it will be the schultz shuttle
6:41 pm
"endeavor's" last flight. he gave a much-anticipated update on his wife's recovery after an assassination attempt on her life. >> she is starting to walking, talk, more every day. and she is starting to process some of the tragedy that we all went through in january. she is going through that as we speak. i would like her to attend the launch. she wants to attend. she has been looking forward to this for a long time. >> april 19th is the expected launch date for the "endeavour" flight. meanwhile, kelly says his wife still gets staff briefings to keep her up to date. it has been almost one year since the passing of dr. dorothy height. today marks her 99th birthday for the civil rights leader. in honor of her accomplishments, virginia governor would be mcdonnell issued a proclamation
6:42 pm
making it dorene hight day. she made endless contributions as a public servant. a scholarship was established for first-year students. dan is with us now. what have you got? >> the college basketball capital of the world right now is where? it's in virginia. >> oh, richmond. are you kidding? absolutely. >> we're going to be talking more about that. can't talk enough. the georgetown women say they're okay with their underdog status as they prepare for their showdown with u-conn. and redskins' linebacker brian arackpoe as
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
here we go again. >> can't wait, man. >> these are a rough three or four days. >> it is back. four games in had five hours of basketball tonight for a couple underdog virginia schools. today another chance to just enjoy the ride. both bcu and richmond play tomorrow. still staggering. the city of richmond has many teams in the sweet 16 as the big east. and since the tournament expanded in 1985, l.a. and fill i will philadelphia, the only other cities to have two teams in the sweet 16 in the same year. the rams rose to their first 16. three games in five days, including wins over georgetown and number three seed purdue. a week ago, vcu thought they were done. now they are playing to prove the pundits wrong. didn't seem like any of the
6:46 pm
so-called college basketball experts thought that vcu belonged in the big dance, let alone would win a single game, and they still use that as fuel. >> i saw somebody had us rated 16th out of the 16 teams still left in the big dance. and our guys sink their teeth into that type of stuff. >> it's been a lot of motivation. whenever people dodge you like that, you want to come out and prove them wrong. i thought we had done a great job of that. this first week of the tournament. >> we give a three-letter acronym, acl. aggressive, confident and loose. when we play that way, we're very tough to beat. and in this ncaa tournament, we have gone a great job, and we try to in our shoot around and practices get a lot done and be productive and at the same time, make sure guys are having fun and that they're loose. >> all right. shaka smart, i like that. five miles away from the vcu
6:47 pm
campus, richmond, the spdrs, the lowest seeded team left in the tournament now facing number-one seed kansas, not mission impossible, but unlike vcu, the spiders are huge underdogs in this one. >> to be able to play cakansas the sweet 16, is probably big-time stuff for them and for all of us. and i think it's not just that it's kansas. i mean, i think that's -- that makes it that much more special, but that we have advanced thus far, and that we're, you know, very much on a run in the ncaa tournament. >> this is another opportunity for us to be on the stage, where, you know, we play a great opponent, and it's the opportunity to get to the next round. and that's the only thing on our minds, is the next game. >> it's been an unbelievable year for us, we don't want this to end, and our focus to get to the national championship and win the national championship, so kansas is in the way right now, so we have to go out there
6:48 pm
and handle this. >> now, if they do handle business, it could be a showdown with cross town rival vcu. one local guy, freshman cedrick lindsay who played high school ball at gonzaga. >> you know what worked so well for them? >> hmmm. >> they've got nothing to lose. >> oh, yeah. >> they can be as loose -- they can be like a playground game, just go out and have a ball. >> because you're playing with house money at this point. >> exactly right. good for them. >> i'm definitely rooting for both of those teams. that would be fun to see. another team i'm rooting for, georgetown. the women's ncaa tournament commoditying up, heading to philadelphia against u-conn. the last time the hoyas beat u-conn, 1993. one of the players that we know very well in our sports department who plays for georgetown is hoping her team can rewrite history. >> i'm veronica, nbc channel 4
6:49 pm
intern here with basketball coach terry williams. coach, your team has made an impressive run to the sweet 16. it's our second consecutive year in the tournament. what are you feeling right now? >> i'm really excited. >> so, coach, we're heading up to take on connecticut for ready third time. everybody is talking about. i believe they can go down, they're human. going into the game, what are some things you know we have to focus on? >> i think, monica, we have to make shots so that we can get ahead of our defense and force them into turnovers. no big secret, that's what we do, that's what we want to do. and, of course, we have to get in there and get rebounds. >> all right. so i'm here at mcdonough gymnasium, to talk to the star hoyas as they get ready to take on u-conn in the sweet 16. ladies, these are my girls. i'm here with ms. sugar rogers, mcgee and ms. ruby lee wright. we're the underdog, obviously. how do we feel about that? >> we were supposed to beat maryland, but we proved
6:50 pm
everybody wrong. it feels good to be the underdog. >> i love it, because it gives us a chance to show everybody. we have a lot to prove, and i feel like we can show everybody what we're really made. >> absolutely. so we enjoy being the underdog, we're looking forward to this matchup. these are my girls, i love them. we bring it, we're excited. thanks so much for all of the support. back to you, dan. >> nice. >> isn't that awesome? >> good for her. rchs she's gat. mps. >> she's got a future. >> you know how hard it is to get that first resume. >> there it is. >> we're saving that for monica. she's going to be fine. >> she earned it. >> and one quick note for sugar rogers, number 34, you're not an underdog. everybody knows who you are. she's a holy cross grad. we're talking nfl lockout now. nothing happening on that front until april 6th. that's when a lawsuit filed by ten players, including tom brady and peyton manning requesting an
6:51 pm
injunction to end the lockout will be heard in a u.s. district court in st. paul, minnesota. in the meantime, players are taking matters into their own hands. fletcher is already organizing a players-only mini camp. brian arack poe is one of the guys who will be there. most of the players think they can get about 20 or 30 guys to show up at a high school field in ashburn to run through drills. it would be sometime in april, orakpo is one of several players heavily involved in the redskins' off season conditioning program. and now he has to do it fully on his own. orakpo did say that forget about 20 or 30. he expects a full house at this players' only mini camp. >> everybody getting together, you know, late april as a team, everybody. no exceptions. and just kind of get some more -- some more fieldwork, you know, just as a team. no coaches, no anything, just go over the plays, you know, all of the type of steps we need, just to familiarize ourselves with
6:52 pm
the playbook, the new defense that we're going through with the three-four, and just kind of -- guys getting back in the floor thing. even though it's a lockout doesn't mean we can't get together as a team, as a whole, and make the team get better. >> prin orakpo talking about the players working out. >> what's to keep the linebackers coach from calling on the phone and saying here's what we want you to do. here's what you guys ought to do on your own. this conversation never happened. what's to keep them? >> i'll tell you, because dan snyder is an owner and on the other side. he calls that linebacker coach up and says what are you doing, adios? >> how does the coach know? if i'm the linebacker's coach, i want to talk to brian, saying here's what i want you to do, and make it happen. this phone call never happened. as a matter of fact, throw that phone away right now. >> here's what they're thinking. coaches are worried about getting laid off right now, because if there's no players to coach -- >> so what do they have to lose? make the call. thank you. all right. coming up, we're going to go
6:53 pm
go beyond the green thumb. the environmental film festival celebrating our local gardeners. >> for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and twitter. and brush.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
aside and brush. >> today, advanced theater of harlem back on stage in d.c. for the first time in more than five years. the ensemble gave a special lesson to elementary school kids in southeast d.c. the dance theater of harlem performs tomorrow night at the lincoln theater. the company is led by native washingtonion virginia thompson. she graduated from the washington school of ballet. washington is more than a town of politics and monument thes. there are people here feeding the soul of their community by participating in the simple glory of tending the earth. tonight, the d.c. environmental film festival premiers a local film by a local film maker that celebrates these people in the documentary. it's called "a community of g d gardeners." >> this community garden is stilldor meant from winter, but you can see it come to life in
6:57 pm
this film maker's lovely documentary. there are 40 community gardens in washington. habib focuses on seven. each one representing something fundamental and good that reflects the soul from our little town. >> i think that washington, d.c. often people focus on capitol hill and the politics that goes on, or the monuments and the museums. but here in d.c., we have wonderful neighborhoods, and wonderful communities. and i wanted to explore that, and i wanted to share that. ♪ >> the land gives you so many gifts, and one of the gifts this land gives you is to be in touch with people. the lady next to me is vietnamese, and we have developed a friendship. so far fee freedrickson is the herb lady, and we've developed a friendship. and it's just -- perhaps we
6:58 pm
wouldn't have intersected in real life, but in this wonderful place, we have. >> for an hour, she let's us kneel in the dirt alongside these colorful and dedicated gardeners, weeding between the rows of squash and tomatoes. and watching an ancient practice of man and soil. combining to grow something so vital to our community. good neighbors. >> i really hope that this documentary really inspires people to start their own community garden, to maintain community garden, and to see the important benefit that they really offer everyone here in d.c. and beyond. >> a community of gardeners airs tonight at 7:00 in just a few minutes at the national museum of women in the arts. but you can find more about the d.c. environmental film festival on nbc, and believe me, they'll have other showings in d.c. if you can't get there in the next two minutes.
6:59 pm
>> looks good. final check. >> it's going to be cold overnight tonight and cold enough that i think some areas are going to see snow on saturday night into the day on sunday. again, this is not going to be a big snowstorm, but it is kind of odd to see snow this late in the month of march. i do think that snow will come on saturday night into early sunday morning. high on sunday, only 38 degrees. right now, best chance of any accumulation will be to the north and west of washington. but, of course, we will continue to watch it for you right here. >> thanks, doug. irving presborski sat down last week to do his taxes. he was going through his paperwork when he came across a ticket. not just any ticket. it was a lottery ticket. it was a winning lottery ticket, worth $9 million bucks. the ticket was sold a year ago. it would have been worthless at 5:00 p.m. today. needless to say, he went and cashed it in, in a big hurry. he is not so much worried about that tax return.

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